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Simplify Complexity with Professional AV Installation


Discover the Benefits of Professional AV Setup

Today’s AV systems are more complex than ever. With seemingly every device connecting to the internet and a plethora of video and audio formats for movies and music, the myriad of options for extracting the best performance from your AV entertainment seems daunting. Opting for a professional AV installation for your Houston, TX, home can simplify your setup, enhance your entertainment experience, and seamlessly blend your setup with your home’s design. Explore how below. 

The Path to Perfecting Your Home's Landscape Lighting


What It Takes to Get Stellar Outdoor Lighting 

Do you want to transform your outdoor spaces into secure, functional, and aesthetically pleasing extensions of your home? Aside from boosting your curb appeal, landscape lighting should boost the functionality and safety of outdoor spaces so they’re fun and accessible long after the sun sets. A seasoned professional aligns every part of your lighting design—from the conceptualization to the execution—to your preferences and the needs of your Houston, TX, property. 

The Best Outdoor Audio Speakers for Different Environments


Permanent, Weatherproof Audio for Year-Round Enjoyment 

From patio dinners to pool parties and badminton games to gardening, wouldn’t all your outdoor activities be even more enjoyable with music in the air? 

Many people rely on small, portable speakers or headphones to listen to music outdoors. But what if you always had speakers outside, ready to play high-fidelity sound that’s easy to hear?

Brands like Paradigm and Bowers & Wilkins manufacture weatherproof, permanently installed outdoor speakers that perform in all temperatures and weather conditions. Here are the best outdoor audio solutions for different areas of your Houston, TX, home. 

The Key to Perfect Lighting? Home Automation


A Guide to Sophisticated Lighting for the Modern Home

Gone are the days when home lighting was merely functional and dependent on an on-off switch. Lighting should enhance your lifestyle, wellness, and decor while adding a touch of sophistication. If you're looking for a way to modernize your home lighting, consider a Control4 home automation system with Lutron lighting control. This seamless combination brings with it elegance and convenience by providing varied and intuitive control options. With a Control4 home automation system, it's easy to find the perfect lighting for any occasion in your Houston, TX, home. 

What Separates Media Design Inc. from Other AV Companies?

A luxurious home theater with the Metro Goldwyn Meyer lion on it.

Why We’re Houston’s Choice for AV & Home Theaters 

Our founder, Bill Maxey, started Media Design Inc. in 1989 after managing one of Houston’s first independent electronics stores. Thirty-five years later, the Media Design team includes many talented technicians who have been with us for decades.

If you’re looking for whole-home AV, a home theater setup, outdoor entertainment, or other technology solutions in Houston, TX, there are a few local companies to choose from. But here’s why Media Design stands out from all the rest

Benefits of Whole House Surge Protection


Power Surges Are Inevitable

If there’s one thing Houston homeowners understand, it’s power surges. None of us are immune to having experienced power spikes that damaged an appliance in our homes. Knowing it can happen in an instant helps to see that there are likely benefits from quality surge protection.


Home Automation Essentials: 6 Tips to Consider


Home automation is part of the "The Internet of Things" and allows us to have access to many household items remotely through a device’s IP address. Home automation has been around for many decades and can encompass everything from your sound system to your AC unit, to even your lights and security system.  

Recently technology has caught up with idea of the interconnected world making it accessible at the touch of your fingertips or with a simple voice command to Josh ai, Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Say your Internet is running slow; you could go to the closet and reboot the modem, or you could quickly say “OK Josh, Reboot Modem”. 



Making the right decisions when it comes to your outdoor lighting can offer a range of benefits, such as enhancing your home’s appearance and helping you save money.

TV or Art? Digital Art Technology Brings Both


The latest digital art technology now makes it easy to transform your TV to beautiful, lifelike art that fits seamlessly into your home or office decor.

Some of best televisions currently come with a feature called Ambient Mode, Art Mode, or Gallery Mode. Manufacturers market this feature under various names, but they act the same way by giving the ability to transform a television from a giant black hole in your room to a gallery-quality piece of art that truly becomes part of your home’s display space.

WiFi 6


More and more people are working from home these days and companies are realizing the benefits.  Add to that the fact that business travel has basically vanished overnight and global organizations are relying on video conferencing on a daily basis, when they previously leaned towards in person, face to face meetings and you have a solid case for allowing staff to work from home where appropriate.

The results are in and productivity is up.