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Benefits of Whole House Surge Protection


Power Surges Are Inevitable

If there’s one thing Houston homeowners understand, it’s power surges. None of us are immune to having experienced power spikes that damaged an appliance in our homes. Knowing it can happen in an instant helps to see that there are likely benefits from quality surge protection.


Home Automation Essentials: 6 Tips to Consider


Home automation is part of the "The Internet of Things" and allows us to have access to many household items remotely through a device’s IP address. Home automation has been around for many decades and can encompass everything from your sound system to your AC unit, to even your lights and security system.  

Recently technology has caught up with idea of the interconnected world making it accessible at the touch of your fingertips or with a simple voice command to Josh ai, Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Say your Internet is running slow; you could go to the closet and reboot the modem, or you could quickly say “OK Josh, Reboot Modem”. 

TV or Art? Digital Art Technology Brings Both


The latest digital art technology now makes it easy to transform your TV to beautiful, lifelike art that fits seamlessly into your home or office decor.

Some of best televisions currently come with a feature called Ambient Mode, Art Mode, or Gallery Mode. Manufacturers market this feature under various names, but they act the same way by giving the ability to transform a television from a giant black hole in your room to a gallery-quality piece of art that truly becomes part of your home’s display space.