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How to Choose the Right Fixtures for Your Lighting Design

A modern kitchen with recessed ceiling lights, pendant lights over the island, and warm wood cabinetry.

Optimize Your Lighting with Fixtures That Meet Your Unique Needs

Some luxury homeowners plan out every aspect of their home, from the brass doorknobs to the pattern of their wall molding. Yet, they’ll settle for standard lighting fixtures. It’s not that they want to settle for less; they just don’t realize there are better options. 

Lighting design is a vital, often overlooked aspect of new builds or remodels. That’s because lighting plays a huge role not only in aesthetics but also in your mood and the home’s overall functionality. And the right luxury fixtures will make all the difference. So, how do you choose the right ones?

The Best Outdoor Audio Speakers for Different Environments


Permanent, Weatherproof Audio for Year-Round Enjoyment 

From patio dinners to pool parties and badminton games to gardening, wouldn’t all your outdoor activities be even more enjoyable with music in the air? 

Many people rely on small, portable speakers or headphones to listen to music outdoors. But what if you always had speakers outside, ready to play high-fidelity sound that’s easy to hear?

Brands like Paradigm and Bowers & Wilkins manufacture weatherproof, permanently installed outdoor speakers that perform in all temperatures and weather conditions. Here are the best outdoor audio solutions for different areas of your Houston, TX, home. 

Q&A: What Is A Smart Home?


Enjoy Intuitive Control of Your Houston Home 

Smart gadgets are more readily available than ever, with devices like smart bulbs and voice-activated speakers for sale online and in stores. But does owning smart devices mean you have a smart home?

Not exactly. A real smart home means all your technologies and systems—from lighting to entertainment to security cameras—can be controlled through one consolidated platform. You don’t need to juggle between different apps, remotes, or controllers; it’s all in one place with brands like Control4. 

Learn how to get started with smart home automation when you partner with Media Design Inc.! 

3 Reasons to Smarten Up Your Surround Sound Installation


Kickstart Your Entertainment with Smart Home Integration 

When researching your surround sound installation, you may have looked up the best audio formats for immersive sound and the best high-performance home theater speakers. You may even have looked into AV receivers, the outputs they offer, and the content they’re compatible with. 

These queries are a great start, but it’s important not to forget the cherry on top: smart home integration. Even the best AV systems will go to waste if they’re not easy to use. Explore some benefits of integrating your surround sound with your smart home technology. 

Simplify Complexity with Professional AV Installation


Discover the Benefits of Professional AV Setup

Today’s AV systems are more complex than ever. With seemingly every device connecting to the internet and a plethora of video and audio formats for movies and music, the myriad of options for extracting the best performance from your AV entertainment seems daunting. Opting for a professional AV installation for your Houston, TX, home can simplify your setup, enhance your entertainment experience, and seamlessly blend your setup with your home’s design. Explore how below. 

The Path to Perfecting Your Home's Landscape Lighting


What It Takes to Get Stellar Outdoor Lighting 

Do you want to transform your outdoor spaces into secure, functional, and aesthetically pleasing extensions of your home? Aside from boosting your curb appeal, landscape lighting should boost the functionality and safety of outdoor spaces so they’re fun and accessible long after the sun sets. A seasoned professional aligns every part of your lighting design—from the conceptualization to the execution—to your preferences and the needs of your Houston, TX, property.